The wardrobe needs a complete makeover as the summer approaches. With dirt and sweat brimming up everywhere, your outfits can help you survive the hot summer. First and foremost, wear loose-fitting clothes. The lesser the apparel touching your skin, the cooler you would feel. A free flowing maxi dress is one of the perfect clothing choices for summer. A skintight tank would only make you feel hotter during the summer. Select lightweight fabrics as they can add to the convenience. Flimsy apparels can stick to the body and make you sweat more. Choose open-weave knitted tops to enjoy the summer the right way.

Always wear natural fabrics such as cotton. It has breathable fibers to keep you cool during the hot summers. Never opt for rayon and polyester. Cotton absorbs sweat better and dries them off soon. On the other hand, the synthetic materials trap more heat and keep you sweaty all through the day. As soon as you enter the home, opt for a shower to remove the dead skin cells and dirt. Bathing also cools your body temperature. During summer, wear clean and fresh clothes. Though repeating clothes can save you from endless laundry, it can add to the accumulation of sweat and dirt which in turn makes your next washing more cumbersome.

When you wear your clothes repeatedly without washing, it can make you feel hotter because of the trapped cosmetics, sweat and dirt. The best advice during summer is to avoid accessorizing yourself too much. Beads and metallic embellishments on your clothes can trap more heat. It brings your fabric closer to the skin and can add to the steam. Most importantly, it forms another layer and can make you feel heavy. Always choose unlined outfits during summer. Carry a wide-brimmed hat or a woven scarf to offer you shade while getting out in the sun. Do not forget to wear your socks to absorb sweat and keep you cool.